First and foremost I am an artist. It’s my passion and the lifeblood that runs through my veins. Next, I’m really quite geeky. I’m into video games, movies, music and reading. I’m kind of an alternative chick when it comes to music.

I was an art student at USI. Hopefully, I’ll graduate sometime in the next 50 years. I’ve changed my major so many times. But I sure don’t regret any of my experiences, good and bad, because I’ve learned so much. That knowledge is invaluable. The most important thing I’ve learned about is myself and being true to myself.

I’m interesting in m any things. I’m interested in Metaphysics, also I’m interested in Ancient History and Modern and Future Technologies.

My favorite program is Coast to Coast AM. I’m Coast to Coast AM junky. I like watching the sunrise and set. I love looking at the stars. I wonder sometimes what is out there. I have a  sarcastic sense of humor and I love irony.

My favorite gadgets are my computers and my mp3 player. Anyhow I suppose that is it for now.


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